Express Entry – Easy on the outside, Complicated on the inside.

If you have been looking at the Express Entry stream as a way of moving to Canada permanently then you have likely seen the magic calculator on the IRCC website. We all love the Express Entry system and the allocation of points to our online profile. Completing the calculation on the IRCC website gives us a nudge of excitement when the profile says “congratulations you appear to meet the criteria to move to Canada” – but do you?

Giving the IRCC calculator the information it wants is one thing, but now you must prove it. Do you have your police certificates, English language test, educational credential assessments, medical reports? How about your work experience and previous work experiences that you are claiming from abroad, can you get letters from those employers in the format that IRCC wants and in the timeframe that you need. Do you need to show funds or job offers and do you know the precise information that must be in those documents?

What happens if you only have one or two months left on your permit? Do you know how long it will take to get everything you need, in the format that you need it?

What if you need to make more than one application as part of your Express Entry application? Have you been nominated by a Province as part of the process; how long will it take to get that nomination? Do you need a Bridging Open Work Permit? Are you sure you can get all the information together in time to make a PR application before your current permit expires? Even if you can get it all together, is everything in date?

Wow, that’s a lot of questions, that’s a lot of timelines, that’s a lot of checking…. And can you really be sure that the officer looking at your application will consider the documents the same way you are, maybe but maybe not.

Express Entry is an excellent way to get to PR, if you score enough points and if you present the documentation requested by IRCC in the specific format that they want. We can guide you through the application, review your documents and make sure that you are giving yourself the best opportunity at getting your PR.

June 12, 2019

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