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Temporary Residence

We offer assistance with all temporary residence applications. Whether you are a visitor, a student, a worker or a business, CRT Legal can help you decide on, and complete, the right type of application for you.


Permanent Residence

Each individual’s journey to permanent residence is different. We have travelled this path too and we are proud to be able to help our clients achieve Permanent Residence status. Whether you are an economic migrant, a sponsored family member or perhaps there are humanitarian and compassionate reasons for your application, we have the skills to help you achieve your goal.


Canadian Citizenship

Making the decision to become a Canadian citizen is exciting, it can also be a life-changing decision. We will guide you through the process from assessing your eligibility, right through to the day you have your citizenship certificate in your hand. The last step in the immigrant journey is an important one that will likely shape your and your family members lives for generations to come. Give it the attention it deserves, call us!


Immigration Refusals

Refusals happen. They happen for many reasons. Some refusals are legitimate and some can be challenged. If this does happen to you, call us. It is important to speak to an Immigration Lawyer as soon as you receive a refusal. Time limits to challenge refusals can be very short. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to salvage your application. Call us and speak to an Immigration lawyer who can give you practical guidance on what steps you should take next.


Our Mission

A new approach to immigration.

CRT Legal is the product of a desire to practice law differently. At its core is a passion for family and community. We put an emphasis on the family in the immigration process and take a holistic approach to your immigration story.

We pride ourselves on the provision of a personal service, where we accompany you on your immigration journey. Making the decision to move to another country, whether you are doing so temporarily or permanently, is a life-changing decision. We have been on this journey too and we want to travel with you as your immigration story unfolds.

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